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Striking Down Breast Cancer Through Awareness

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Let’s get Angry and light a fire


I’ve always been a supporter of the Army of Women. I mentioned before my participation in their research. Well, I recently read an article by Dr. Susan Love, founder of Army of Women. The article, “It’s Time to Get Angry” struck a cord with me. From the onset, she talks about the fact that 20 years later, we have not seen enough improvement in some areas. She mentioned DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). That is how my mom’s breast cancer was initially diagnosed and what set her on a journey of lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemos, and radiation therapies.

I decided to use this site as a means of sharing information with you because I had to do something other than get sad or get mad, I had to get productive. Well, I’m challenging myself and you to light a fire under this whole breast cancer thing! We need a cure and prevention. Yes, living longer helps, but we need to live without the fear of what might come. The unspoken that many of us know and the false security we get when we see a loved one or a friend keep winning, then finally lose their battle. I know I was one of those people. I knew people died from breast cancer, but that was not my reality until one day it was.

So get angry, and get active. Do whatever you can. Support organizations, support those your love, support yourself. Demand we fight harder!