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Striking Down Breast Cancer Through Awareness

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Be your Advocate

This is a brief reminder of how important we are in our own care.The medical profession is very interesting. It is one service where we somehow don’t see it as a service. Meaning, often times we don’t demand the care we want. Now this is definitely not everyone, neither is it for all doctors, nurses, or other medical staff. I have had very good physicians of my own and encountered some very good doctors providing exceptional care to my mother. She had the frequent habit of having her doctors call me and explain what was going on or for me to ask questions. (As a side observation, though I don’t ask extensive questions in personal relationships, I always have a list a mile long for doctors.) Well this particular doctor would give me extensive detail to all my questions. I wish I could remember her name, and I can clearly see my mom trying to remind me as I write. Like I said before, I am now learning additional questions I could have asked, but that’s the point of this blog.

Well, my point is this. You are your advocate. We think that training means the doctor knows best, but you must ask for the best and not sit as a bystander in your healthcare. If you don’t like your doctor, get a new one. You are paying them a really high rate for a service, so very good service is what you should get!

With that, enjoy your Labor Day!