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You Can’t Lose Me

I never was big into country music until I met my husband. In fact, country music was the only music I said I didn’t like. I have since changed, though I will say country music has a way of bringing the emotion out of you. There is one particular song, You Can’t Lose Me, by Faith Hill, that made me have somewhat of an epiphany today. It’s part of a playlist that we put together while in India for our oldest. It’s been in rotation lately and I always sing it to them. It was floating through my head tonight after putting them to bed, then it dawned on me- my mom was singing it to me!

It’s surprising how you don’t always make certain connections. The lyrics say “I am here and I will always be, just a wish away. Wherever you go, no matter how far, my love is where you are…” Her presence is why I have kept my mind clear on some of the cloudiest days. The smile I see when I look at my girls, or my youngest who already has the cutest giggle at only 4 months. We are so connected to this plane of existence we don’t realize how truly parallel others are.

As a parent, you say to your child I will always be here for you. I was a bit angry about that not long ago because I felt it was a lie. I say it to my girls and truly mean it, so I don’t know why it bothered me as it relates to me. Well, this hit me like a kick from a sleeping toddler. Completely off guard, but not painful. She is right there. The love a parent has for their child, and a mother has for the children she births into the world, doesn’t end if either leave this earth.

So with a peaceful mind I now know, I can’t lose her. As a mother of my own girls, that is a really good and comforting thing to know.