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My Best Year Yet

My dad got me a book some years back called Your Best Year Yet. I used it for about two and a half years. The half because I did it a bit too quickly , not so reflective. Well he gave it to me last year. He knew the year had been difficult even prior to Mommy passing. Adding that was enough to push anyone over the edge. But the year also had a lot of positives in it that shouldn’t be forgotten, most importantly finding out we had a new angel on the way. Well I planned to review the ten step process of evaluating the year, but time got away. Well at least consciously, subconsciously I think I just didn’t want to reflect. Reflecting is hard and often painful work.

Well, this year I am up for the challenge. I got the book out so I could reflect and challenge myself. I know I had a lot of goals for the year. My husband always writes 3 goals for every family member and we look at them the end of the year. I was not satisfied with my progress on mine, but I do think I had a productive year. So I will sit and reflect.

How has your year been. Any method that works is great, but in order to get better we have to think about what we have done well, but just as important, if not more, we must think about what we did not do so well. Whether it was a failure or an area needing improvement, we need to reflect in order to grow. It also helps clear baggage. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, but my mom felt her cancer was in part a manifestation of holding things in.

I challenge you to reflect on your year, plan the next year, and release some of your baggage in the process.


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Everything needs time to recharge. We do every night. Winter is a reminder of nature recharging by going dormant or into hibernation for a while. The oak trees in front of our house have lost their leaves, but they will be full in the spring. Since we don’t actually hibernate, and too many of us don’t get enough sleep, we need to try various ways to help our bodies recharge.

The body is absolutely fascinating! As a mom, I have been amazed by all the work a body does to grow, birth, and nurture a baby. If you pay attention to your body, you will see more of what it can do. When you eat well, your body will become noticeably sluggish if you eat something unhealthy or abnormal. I always get sleepy, as my body signals it has to focus on digesting and needs me to “get out of the way”.

Our bodies can run efficiently and smoothly when we assist it in its natural functions. Make sure you rest, so your body can clean up and remove old and deteriorating cells. Science has long documented the importance of sleep. Infants and children sleep so much because as they grow so rapidly, their bodies have a lot of work learning, processing, and simply growing. Studies continue to examine the relation of sleep and cell repair, especially cancer, which are defective cells. We also need to feed our machine correctly. We don’t put sugar in our gas tanks (unless it’s a biofuel or you are doing it to be mean). So why do we put poor quality foods into our bodies. Now I do it also, so I probably could answer that with some excuse, but the point is we should try to do better and be better.

I’m planning what I want to focus on next year. Health and wellness are at the top of my list. Think of what you are doing to help your body and mind recharge.