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Striking Down Breast Cancer Through Awareness

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Triple Negative Treatment -trial offering some additional treatment options

There are tons of studies and trials and research regarding breast cancer. I find it important to share information for those going through a journey with breast cancer. Whether someone has been diagnosed themselves. Or has a family member or friend, we are all part of this journey. That’s why I had to share some information.

While fundraising for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day recently, I was connected with a wonderful woman who is participating in a trial for TNBC, which has been working well for her with zero side effects. Oncology Times has provided more information about the trial.

Please share with anyone who may be looking for treatment options. And thanks to Ms. R for sharing!

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TNBC Awareness Day


Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Last week I shared an article on Triple Negative Breast Cancer research. . Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Triple Negative disproportionately effects Black, Latina, and younger women. I’m raising money, in partnership with the TNBC Foundation. The Save Your Bra Money Fundraiser is in honor of my mom. As anyone who knew her knew, she prided herself on being against the grain. In fact, she said it quite frequently, “Oh Magy, you know I like going against the grain- I don’t care about that!” This was her thought on bras as well. She rarely wore them. Even after her mastectomy, she rarely wore a bra and she said they were uncomfortable. Because of this, it was easy to see her missing breast through a shirt, but it didn’t really bother her. I remember when she was up here, a woman she met at treatment gave her a breast for her bra. She was very appreciative of the gesture, but said “Oh I can’t wear this, it’s too heavy!”

Every woman battling breast cancer deals with her physical changes in her own way. No bra was her way pre-breast cancer. She decided she wouldn’t let that change. So Save Your Bra Money and donate today!

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Let’s get Angry and light a fire


I’ve always been a supporter of the Army of Women. I mentioned before my participation in their research. Well, I recently read an article by Dr. Susan Love, founder of Army of Women. The article, “It’s Time to Get Angry” struck a cord with me. From the onset, she talks about the fact that 20 years later, we have not seen enough improvement in some areas. She mentioned DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). That is how my mom’s breast cancer was initially diagnosed and what set her on a journey of lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemos, and radiation therapies.

I decided to use this site as a means of sharing information with you because I had to do something other than get sad or get mad, I had to get productive. Well, I’m challenging myself and you to light a fire under this whole breast cancer thing! We need a cure and prevention. Yes, living longer helps, but we need to live without the fear of what might come. The unspoken that many of us know and the false security we get when we see a loved one or a friend keep winning, then finally lose their battle. I know I was one of those people. I knew people died from breast cancer, but that was not my reality until one day it was.

So get angry, and get active. Do whatever you can. Support organizations, support those your love, support yourself. Demand we fight harder!


Why this…

I decided to start this blog and its subsequent foundation for my mom and for myself. She often talked about ways she wanted to help other women in her situation. She liked knowledge and the sharing of information. She talked about things she learned and would give full recaps to share the info. I went through some of Mom’s notebooks and found a wish list. She wanted to start a breast cancer foundation. Well, I decided to do it for her- but I knew I needed to do something different. My husband and I discussed the idea, and initially I couldn’t decided what it would be about- how it would be different.

As I started to look back at her treatment, things started to pop out. One time she talked about her mastectomy, telling me how if people knew everything they wouldn’t potentially get them- particularly how she thought it would significantly reduce her odds of a recurrence, yet her 2012 self wasn’t so sure. Looking back I missed the opportunity to ask her more about why she felt that way. Of course now I won’t know, but maybe putting that out there will make someone think harder about it. Mommy had triple negative breast cancer, which is more complicate and aggressive as they don’t understand it as well, so treatment options aren’t as tailored as some other subclasses of breast cancer. Yet, recent studies have identified genes that may be targets for triple negative therapies. This would significantly impact treatment options and chances of recurrence. We are learning everyday!

I then thought of one of the times we were in the emergency room. A resident came in and casually mentioned the cancer on her lung not being a problem of concern, only the brain metastasis. Well, Mommy didn’t know the cancer was in her lung – so clearly she was heartbroken. I wanted to slap the doctor in the face with the clipboard, but instead I gave Mommy some comforting words that I don’t remember now. We hugged, but I could see the fight seeping out. She was here because recent labs didn’t look good and she hadn’t been eating well, now this! I immediately looked at her records when I got home to find out that in fact her records indicated lung mets, but they were stable so it was not referenced in her regular oncologist appointments. I later found out from speaking with her doctor that stable cancer was usually not spoken of with someone with Stage 4 metastatic cancer. They were only worried about the areas not in control or unstable.

These were just a couple of the things we didn’t know. I know many people are probably in the same position, so in that I found my muse. I would focus on education. I would continue the fight against breast cancer. The fight to find a cure. And how best to arm ourselves, but with knowledge. Knowledge is power, and knowing about your particular cancer, your treatment options, why some options will work and others won’t, is all part of preparing.

Finally, I started it for myself. My healing process. As I mentioned before, I found out I was a co-survivor only 3 months before she passed. I never thought about what help I might need. I had my husband’s shoulder to cry on, which I did many times. But come morning, I was back to business. Co-survivors go through struggles as well, not just from a caretaker standpoint, but from feeling helpless. You try to be optimistic, but you don’t know what will happen. There is a painful edge, your walking across a rickety bridge suspended over a canyon. You pray you will make it across, but you just don’t know.

In all, I owed it to her to keep her alive. I wouldn’t replace those last six months with her for anything in the world, except more time with her. But this keeps her in my mind and on my lips, not just a memory.

So with that- share the love, a hug, and most importantly a laugh in Mable’s honor. And stay with me on this journey.