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Striking Down Breast Cancer Through Awareness

Support and Strength

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I was pleasantly surprised by a text from my aunt with a picture of her and my cousins doing a breast cancer walk this past Saturday. I wanted to do one this month, but didn’t realize there was one in Cleveland. It’s very special to see family support you. During this time, I find myself dealing with the loss of my mother, but also being reminded that others miss her and are honoring her as well. She still lives on in so many hearts.

My cousin walked in the Susan Komen 3 Day walk only a few weeks after Mommy passed. I was planning to walk and with all of the events leading up to August 2012, I didn’t really have time to train. Though I planned to cheer her on, the week before I knew I just couldn’t. Well, when she told me about the Go Dirty Girl Race, which donates to breast cancer awareness through an organization called Bright Pink, I said sign me up.

Fitness and health are very important. Being a healthy weight reduces your risk for breast cancer as being overweight is linked to increased cancer risks.. Being healthy means eating well, and exercising.

So join Team Lightning’s Flowers (with a “s” for all of us) to participate in the July 19, 2014 run in Cleveland. And sorry guys, it’s only for ladies, but maybe you can join us on other events in the works! Maybe you can be a Tough Mudder as I plan to join my husband the next time around!

So keep eating right, exercising, and staying healthy!!

One thought on “Support and Strength

  1. Count me in!! I’ve been wanting to participate in an event like this one and this event comes at a great time..during my grandmother’s birthday! I was only three when she passed and I will be honoring her and Ms. Rey during this time. This will be my way of honoring two strong women and despite the challenges they went through with their health, I never heard Ms. Rey complain or heard that my grandmother was that type. I spent time with Ms. Rey and she was always joyful and willing to talk to me even when she wasn’t feeling so great. I will finish this course with laughter and joy as Ms. Rey and my grandmother would have wanted. I know they will be there in spirit! I will make this stride for Ms. Mabel Rey and for my grandmother Na. Mary Virginia. Thanks Marquex for this wonderful blog and continuing to create awareness and sharing wonderful memories and knowledge. One love!

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