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Striking Down Breast Cancer Through Awareness

Celebrating in October


October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You see tons if pink everywhere. I’m also a fan of donning my pink, not necessarily breast cancer specific, but pink. Nevertheless – while growing up October was birthday month. Not mine, but Mommy’s. She was known to celebrate the whole month, a dinner here, lunch there, all for her birthday!

Well in honor of her and the month, I wanted to bring those who knew her into the discussion. I must say that writing this is very cleansing and maybe it will be for you too. So here are two questions:

1. What did your relationship to Mable mean to you.

2. How did you feel/react when she told you about her breast cancer.

That’s all! Email me at

I’ll pull it together as part of her birthday celebration this month! And if you prefer to remain anonymous, just put it in your email (though it might be anyhow- haven’t figured out my format yet)

Peace love and laughs!!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating in October

  1. Mable meant the world to me! She was a shining light that made everyone feel special! I can only pray that I am able to be a comfort to others despite my own troubles.
    I met Mable well into her illness. I guess I just accepted that is just who she was and cancer was part of her.Her fight against cancer was even a bigger part of who she was!

  2. It is hard to remember the initial reaction to Mable’s announcement , but as strange as it may seem long term she made me proud! To see the courage she displayed and the positive reaction she had to everyone around her was inspiring. She gave her best, in her in a battle which most people would have given up. That is what I want to remember !

  3. Thanks Daddy, she made me proud as well. Her positive attitude kept her fighting!

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