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Random Memories


I had a random memory of a time Mommy and I were up late one night making tape ties. She had a great idea for an event, so up we sat putting rows of neon tape to make these ties. All I remember about them was the strips of tape and us giving my oldest daughter a few pieces to keep her busy.

Random memories are good for the spirit. They are the type of memory that makes you smile when you think of it because it just sits there in your mind, it doesn’t have a real connector to anything other than a happy time. They are special because often times they don’t fall into our routine. Routines are fine, but to be creative we have step out of that routine. It challenges our mind. They can’t really be created, they just kind of happen.

Let your mind be peaceful. Enjoy a random memory or make a new one. They are the things that keep a smile in our heart and keep loved ones alive when they are no longer here to make new ones.


2 thoughts on “Random Memories

  1. A random memory I had with Ms. Rey was at Marquex’s wedding and she asked if I could assist with helping her make the flowers that we, the bridesmaids would be carrying. I remember being elated that she asked me to help because I love being creative and I knew I would learn something new. I always enjoyed her sharing her creative ideas with me and thought to myself , wow these flowers arrangements are gorgeous and so unique and I when I get married I want them to look just like the ones I helped her make. Her passion was contagious. That moment is still a vivid memory 🙂

    • Akilah- I remember that, and the intensity and focus you both had was clear in the wedding pictures that captured that moment. Thanks for sharing you memory.

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